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Enable browser notifications for new responses

Sometimes you need a little ping to let you know that you have a new response to your videoask. Browser notifications will send you an alert every time someone responds to your videoask, so you can stay up to date as your responses roll in.

Please note the following browsers are not supported:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Samsung Internet Browser
  • Mi Browser

Looking to set up email notifications instead? Check out how to manage your email notifications here.

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Enable browser notifications

Disable browser notifications

Enable browser notifications

When you’re logged in to your VideoAsk account on a desktop device and you receive a new response, you’ll see a pop-up notification at the bottom of your screen asking you to accept browser notifications.

Click OK to enable browser notifications.


Note: You may have to allow notifications in your device and browser settings if you don’t see the pop-up notification.

Now every time someone responds or replies to a videoask, you’ll receive a browser notification if you’re logged in to your VideoAsk account with the tab inactive (you have a different browser tab selected). You won’t receive browser notifications if you’re in VideoAsk and have that browser tab selected.


Click on the browser notification to go to your videoask inbox to view the response.

Once you’ve enabled browser notifications for one organization, you’ll receive notifications for all the organizations you belong to. However, you’ll only receive notifications for the organization you’re currently logged in to. For example, let’s say you’re logged into an organization called Cats are my life, but you also belong to an organization called I love puppies. If you get a new response in the I love puppies organization, you won’t get a notification, because you’re logged into Cats are my life. Learn how to switch organizations here.

Note: Currently, you cannot filter out Anonymous responses from your notifications or enable notifications for specific videoasks or organizations, but we’re working on it.

Disable browser notifications

You can disable browser notifications within your browser’s settings. Below are instructions on how to disable notifications for a few popular browsers:

Note: If you’d like to enable browser notifications again, you’ll need to turn them on within your browser’s settings.

If you’re using Chrome, follow the instructions below to disable browser notifications.


In Chrome’s settings, click Privacy and security.



Click Site settings.



Select app.videoask.com.



Click the permissions dropdown for Notifications and select Block.


If you’d like to re-enable browser notifications later, you can switch the Notification setting to Allow.

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