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Advanced logic

If you're hoping to create a quiz or build a robust system to qualify leads or candidates, complex statements and scoring can help ensure you get (and give!) the right answers for an enormous number of scenarios.

Conditional logic is a useful tool to send respondents down different routes through your videoask depending on their answers. If you're hoping to take into account more than one answer to determine their path, this is where advanced logic steps in!

Advanced logic lets you create an unlimited number of if/then statements to assess a respondent's answers to different steps of your videoask before they proceed.

You can also add logic based on a respondent's score to previous questions. The advanced logic area of the builder is also where you can assign scores to answers. Explore how to assign scores to answers and use them in logic jumps.


In the following example, we'll set up advanced logic for a survey of interested homebuyers. Depending on their answers to questions about their budget, priorities when choosing a home, and when they're looking to buy, we'll prompt them with four different calls to action.

Set up advanced logic

In this videoask, the first three steps are used to qualify potential homebuyers. Depending on how these three questions are answered, we will offer to either: a) set up a call with an agent, b) schedule a virtual tour of a listing, or c) view listings that fit their criteria.

Let's take a look at setting this up:


Log in to your VideoAsk account and select the videoask you want to edit. Click Build to open the videoask builder. 



Click a step to edit it. Since we've already collected the necessary information from the first two steps, here we'll be applying advanced logic to step 3.


💡Tip: Hover over a step and select Logic for a sidebar shortcut.


Go to the Logic tab.



Toggle Advanced Logic on.



Now you'll see a series of If/then statements for each option of this step.



Click the step number to Select which step you'd like to include in your statement.


Note: In this dropdown you'll only see the steps in your videoask that support conditional logic. These include the multiple-choice, NPS®, AI Chatbot, and Live Call answer types. Advanced logic is supported with multiple select for multiple-choice answers.


Select which answer to the step will be part of this statement.



To add another condition to this statement, click the + icon.


⚠️ Important: The conditions you create will be prioritized from top to bottom and the logic will follow the first condition a respondent matches with. Therefore, be sure to list the most important and complex statements first.

For example, statement B has 2 conditions and is listed first. Statement D has 3 conditions (2 of which are identical to statement B) and is listed second. Although statement D is more rigorous, statement B will overrule statement D because it's ranked first, even when respondent behavior matches the conditions of statement D.


Repeat the process to select which steps and answers will be part of this statement.



Once you've set the "if" part of your statement, it's time to set the "then". Select the destination of your condition. As with traditional logic, your destination can be another step of your videoask or you can redirect to a URL.

In this example, when respondents state that they care most about location, have a mid-range budget for their home, and are looking to buy in the near future, we want to direct them to view our active listings.



Now you've just created your first complex logic jump! To create more, just repeat the process above for each condition you'd like to create.

In our example, a potential buyer with a very large budget who cares a lot about architecture and is looking to buy ASAP is a very strong lead, so we want to give the option to book a virtual tour immediately.


And finally, leads who have a solid budget for the market, who are price-conscious, and who want to buy in the next 5-6 months will be matched with a real estate agent and given the option to schedule an appointment.



Once you've set up all your statements, make sure to double-check that there are no gaps in your conditions. If you need more conditions, click + Add new condition.



If you have any unnecessary conditions, click the - icon to delete them.



Lastly, under Otherwise, always jump to -> choose a default logic jump for this step if none of the above conditions are met. 

In this example, we've created a unique condition for all respondents who are looking to buy a home in the next 6 months. For all others, we'll simply ask for more details about what they're looking for with an open-ended answer step, and save their contact information for later.



When finished, click Done.


From the builder, you'll now see what conditions have been set when you hover over a logic path. 


💡 Tip: Be sure to go through the videoask flow in preview mode a few times to make sure everything is behaving the way you want it to!

We could have also set up the above flow using the scoring feature, by assigning different scores to different answer options, and creating our logic jumps based on a respondent's score. 

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